The Sadra Robotics Institute has started its robotics training since 2007. The institute has been a leader in the field of robotics education with a history of training and having a specialized training staff with the goal of raising the level of knowledge and skills and promoting the knowledge of the world. In order to achieve this goal, the school has trained the most suitable mechanical and electronic equipment, While carefully checking available kits. These trainings began with the training of the basic issues of robot mechanics, and after that, teaching Electronic boards, a variety of sensors, using a variety of engines, teaching algorithms and programming to design and build artificial intelligence of a robot. Currently, the Institute is active in many schools, vocational schools and institutes, and has provided festivals, exhibitions, and contests of robots made by their Trainees. The school has been developing educational packages in its field of education.

۱۰-channel remote control: This control has the ability to remotely control DC motors, STEP motors and SERVO motors.

Robot Electronic Boards: Thess sets, which is presented on various levels, includes a variety of electronic robots for controlling the robot.

The purpose of the Institute

* Make a relationship between the theory of textbooks and the life facts

* Creativity which expands our experiences and knowledge.

* Innovation that comes from creativity

* Talent detection that will be done by the instructors
* Use students’ genius

* Fill students’ Free time using mental activities

* Culture of teamwork and participation in the design and construction of structures

* Simulation of industrial structures by leading students’ thoughts towards industrialization

* With the aim of industrialization of the country and Focus on the invention and innovation and guidance of the students to the Kharazmi Festival and Iran Open competitions.